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Alabama - Major Components of Key Indicators, 1969-2022

Introduction & Summary

Understanding Growth and Change
Among the Major Components of Key Indicators:

Personal Income, Total Employment and Per Capita Income

The past several decades bears witness to some dramatic and transformational shifts in the composition of income and employment that have mainly gone unnoticed. By-in-large these changes are longer term, and are overlook by the flood daily data releases and reports that command the headlines and content of the daily business pages and the nightly news. They have gone unheralded in the popular media and press.
Therefore it is not surprising that these have also escaped the attention of the business leaders and policymakers that are most instrumental in shaping strategies for managing and coping with the economic changes and challenges of our time. Because these trends are altering the economic landscape dramatically, and because they are vastly different across regions, documenting and understanding where and how they are taking place is a vital first step.
The analysis tools within this tier of the AL-REAP website highlight, document and portray the extend to which how these changes have and are playing out locally, regionally, and with comparison trends nationwide. Specifically they relate to:


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